Australian Security Academy Investigation Courses 2014

CPP30607- Certificate III in Investigative Services                  RPL Interviews Melbourne by appointment. 16th, 17th, 19th and 20th February 2015

CPP30607- Certificate III in Investigative Services                  Melbourne Victoria The Westin   5 days   16th - 20th February 2015

CPP30607- Certificate III in Investigative Services                  Hope Island Gold Coast December 2nd and 3rd. LAST ONE FOR THE 2014 YEAR :)



Australian Security Academy

Welcome to the Australian Security Academy. Est 2001 The Specialist Compliance Registered Training Organisation which actually conducts training in Investigation, Loss Adjusting, Government Fraud Control, Government  Investigation, Government Investigation Management, Government Security, Financial Services, Occupational Health & Safety & Security Risk Management globally on a daily basis.

Currently 400 Investigation / Compliance OH&S, Fraud Control professionals are enrolled and studying across 20 qualifications here at the Australian Security Academy.



Melbourne Private Investigator Program CPP 30607 Certificate III in investigative Services February 16th to 20th 2015

Private Investigator 5 day learning event. CPP30607 Certificate III in Investigative Services Melbourne Victoria February 16-20 2015.

If you would like to accelerate your acquisition of Private Investigation knowledge and skills in combination with the employer expected actions this is the course to assit you. 

On line study will be required and RPL is taken into account. These action filled five days will be delivered in the CBD at the Westin 205 Collins Street.

Contact Mike Evans for more information regarding this rare opportunity

Alternatively call or send a quick text contact Mike Evans 0407593881 for more information.


There is no Government funding for this qualification. There is no VET funding for this program. Employers seek sophisticated graduates who have invested in their own professional development. During this program you will meet 4 prospective employers.




Our Courses - What We Offer...

  • Private Investigation

    If you are seeking Australia's most relevant, affordable and accessible Investigation training qualification for licensing, this is the qualification for you! Over 20 working investigation instructors have contributed to program. It is interactive, content rich and full of tips, hints and solutions to accelerate your investigation career.

  • Government Investigation

    Fraud against the Australian Government is a major concern to local, state and federal Government. The Government is therefore strongly committed to the prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of fraud against the Commonwealth. These qualifications are your key to becoming a government investigation professional.....

  • Occupational Health and Safety

    The Certificate IV in Occupational Health and Safety qualification reflects the role of individuals who use well-developed skills and a broad knowledge base in a wide variety of contexts. The Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety qualification reflects the role of individuals who coordinate and maintain the OHS program within an organisation.

  • Security Risk Management

    The Security Risk Management qualifications allow you to operate a Risk / Compliance / Investigation, Security and Risk Management business applicable to broad industry; internationally. Graduates from the Academy program conduct Risk Management Analysis for the Banking, Gaming, Health, Local Government, Hospitality, and Retail industries as well as for Government Departments.

  • Financial Services

    The Diploma of Financial Services (Loss Adjusting) is the qualification for Loss Adjusters who conduct investigations, quantify loss, set reserves, report to and negotiate settlements of General Insurance and Business Insurance Claims on behalf of Insurers and Corporations. The Certificate III in Financial Services (Mercantile Agent) is the qualification for people who collect debts, repossess goods ensure correct legal service of documentation.

Want to start studying your qualification today? Enrol now!

Get the Academy advantage working in your favour in this year!

1- The Academy supports all its students with free advertising for their investigation, risk management and fraud control services, as well as supplying full details of advertised positions vacant in each field. This advertising is in our directory where potential employers can locate an investigator, risk manager or fraud controller in a local area.

2. Opportunity - Exclusive to all our students are full contact information on potential employers which is embedded in each of our qualifications training materials, giving our students a substantial advantage when seeking and applying for work. You can finish your course with the reassuring knowledge your potential employment opportunity is just a click of a button away. The majority of employers in Civil Investigations in Australia hold Australian Security Academy Qualifications.

3. Knowledge, Content & Skill - Each of our courses are written by twenty professionals in their field, the knowledge, skill and application advantages are self evident when compared to other programs designed by one or two people. Our philosophy is "What the teacher does not know, the student will never learn." That is why the Academy invests heavily in ongoing training resources development for the relevant and practical application of each of our qualifications designed by experienced professionals who actually work in the industry. Over 40 qualified instructors are active in training design, delivery and assessment at the Academy.

4. Independence and Integrity - Most importantly the Academy is not an Investigation Agency. When you graduate from the Australian Security Academy you will hold an independent qualification free of any Investigation Agency that conducts training as a side line. No one at the Academy will ever promise you work or advertise false or misleading employment opportunities as an investigator just to enroll you in a course. Then withdraw that promise when you graduate, leaving you in the position of having to explain to potential employers why you were denied work after your training by one of their competitors. The 2014 investigation employment market is vibrant and real. An employer will not take the risk of an new investigator who was denied work after being trained by a competing investigation agency.

Private Investigator and Private Inquiry Agent Training Academy

  • Are you looking to start a career as a Private Investigator or Private Inquiry Agent? Want to know how to become a Private Investigator? Or how to become an Inquiry Agent? How to become a Security Risk Manager? How to become a qualified Government investigator?
  • Do you need a training course to achieve Nationally Recognised Qualifications for Risk Management, Investigation, Government Investigation, Fraud Control or Court Compliance?


This site is designed to provide information to beginner and professional investigators, fraud controllers, loss adjusters and security risk managers.

We provide risk management, fraud control, court compliance, investigation training. You will learn all the skills necessary to become a qualified private investigator or private inquiry agent.

Over 1,200 investigators and or security professionals visit this site each week, for up to date information on training courses, investigations, tenders, free offers and current positions vacant.

This resource is provided to assist you to make an informed decision about your career opportunities and prospects and training. We recommend you read our most frequently asked questions page. If you are considering starting your own investigation business visit our Your Investigation Business page.


Compliance Qualifications available at the Academy


BSB41412- Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety 

CPP30607- Certificate III in Investigative Services

CPP40707- Certificate IV in Security and Risk Management

CPP50611- Diploma of Security and Risk Management

FNS30410- Certificate III in Mercantile Agents

FNS51410- Diploma of Loss Adjusting

PSP40312- Certificate IV in Government (Court Compliance)

PSP40612- Certificate IV in Government (Fraud Control)

PSP41412- Certificate IV in Government (Statutory Compliance)

PSP41512- Certificate IV in Government (Investigation)

PSP41612- Certificate IV in Government (Security)

PSP50612- Diploma of Government (Fraud Control)

PSP51712- Diploma of Government (Investigation)

PSP51812- Diploma of Government (Security)

PSP51912- Diploma of Government (Workplace Inspection)

PSP60512- Advanced Diploma of Government (Management)

PSP60912- Advanced Diploma of Government (Workplace Inspection)

TAE40110- Certificate IV in Training and Assessment




The Academy's investigation, government investigation, loss adjusting, fraud control and security risk management training packages are available to individuals, government departments and corporations.

These Nationally Recognised Qualifications are available online and in seminar / online format to any individual, workplace or government department. The emphasis in these training programs is on preventative and reactive strategies in Investigation and Fraud Control, Court Compliance & Risk Management, with a locked on commitment to evidence based decision making. Legally obtained, relevant evidence is the outcome of the investigator's work.

The foundations of the investigator's work are procedural fairness, natural justice, confidentiality, objectivity and that all reasonably available evidence is gathered and not manufactured.

Our combined on line & seminar event program is the ideal solution for individuals, government agencies and corporations seeking qualifications in Fraud Control, Investigations and Risk Management. Without the expense of rising fuel costs, worries about parking, baby sitters, traffic delays, who's cooking dinner and arriving home late at night after a TAFE course, the Academy's on line training program allows you to study from the comfort of your own home office.

The online training program allows investigators to study for their Nationally Recognised Qualification from any where on the globe. If you have access to the internet, or email you can study and achieve this qualification. Share ideas and solutions, with instructors complete scenario based assignments, , and access a range of information to increase your investigation skills and accelerate your new career as a working paid investigator.

Academy graduates around Australia, work in Insurance Investigation, Financial Services, Loss Adjusting, Government Fraud Control, Risk Management and In House Investigation positions for corporations. Many graduates run their own successful investigation business, teach investigations and go onto further study and training. Insurance companies today believe firmly in engaging investigators who develop themselves professionally and continuously. This concept is called life long learning and is not unique to the investigations industry but it is vital in the maintenance of current investigation skills in a competitive global environment.

The Academy's investigation, fraud control and risk management support systems are available to individuals, government departments and corporations.

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