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Diploma of Security and Risk Management

There are no pre requisites for this qualification.
CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management. This is the highest qualification available in Australia's 4 Billion dollar Security industry. This is the qualification for sophisticated managers and senior security staff. In the role that requires this qualification you will be managing teams of risk assessors conducting concurrent security assessments.
$ 2795.00 (USD 2549.85 approx.)

In Detail

Due to over whelming current demand:

We are conducting Recognition of Prior Learning Interviews for this qualification in Sydney Tuesday November 11th 2014 and Melbourne Thursday November 20th and Friday November 21st 2024. Contact Mike Evans for more information and to make an appointment to gain this Diploma qualification.


You will also, conduct, implement and monitor security risk assessments. To achieve this qualification the you must demonstrate competency against all 8 core units plus 4 elective units. If you require a promotion in your current work place or an advantage in your next career application in order to move up the corporate ladder, this is the qualification for you.

If you have had previous experience in the industry, you may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Click here to see if you are eligible for RPL.

If you have any further questions you can see our FAQ’s here or contact the Academy. Dont forget to Like us on Facebook!

Qualification Description
In this program you will learn the process of consultation, implementation, monitoring and review of Security Risk Assessments in accordance with the Australian Security Risk Management Standard. 

A Diploma Qualification is management level with a breadth, depth and complexity covering planning and initiation of alternative approaches to skills or knowledge applications across a broad range of technical and or management requirements, evaluation and coordination.

The self directed application of knowledge and skills with substantial depth in some areas where judgment is required in planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and techniques for self and others.

Applications involve participation in development of strategic initiatives, as well as personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organising others, It may include participation in teams including teams concerned with planning and evaluation functions. Group or team coordination may be involved.

The degree of emphasis on breadth as against depth of knowledge and skills may vary between qualifications granted at this level.


 Participants gain a theoretical knowledge and understanding of the practical application of security risk management process. Course participants will gain further insight into security risk assessment requirements by participating in exercises and the practical application of knowledge and skills gained during the course.


The program is comprehensive, you complete it at your own pace. It is valuable to study, and in the 14 years we have been involved in teaching it we have developed successfully an on line program, which has all the relevant materials in it and assessments are made up of  quizzes, interviews and scenario assignments. Scenario assessments may be eliminated in the RPL process. As a guide expect between 520 hours of study depending on your experience this would reduce with RPL.

This qualification is Nationally Recognised throughout Australia. Since 2001 over thirty working Security Risk Management assessors  have contributed their wealth of knowledge and experience to make this program what it is today. It is interactive, content rich and full of tips, hints and solutions to accelerate your Security risk Management career. Directors, owners and senior staff of Australia's leading security firms choose the Academy as their preferred training provider, and continue to recommend their potential staff to the Academy today.


Career Opportunities

Just like our other Diploma Management level graduates, you will consult, implement, manage and review security risk assessments on behalf of clients including; Insurers, Associations, Corporations, Government, Organisations  and individuals.

Participants in this program will gain practical skills and strategies to effectively and independently manage security risk assessments on behalf of corporations, banks, clubs, casinos, retail chains, transport companies, defence, security firms, charities, emergency services, non profits or local, state and federal government.
Employment may be sought in the following areas:

Organisational and facility security risk management

Banking, finance and Insurance security risk management

Cash in transit, ATM, and post cash transaction security risk management

Event security risk management (entertainment, political, sports, seasonal)

Local, state and federal Government security risk management

School, education and university security risk management

Celebrity, political, religious and VIP security risk management

Health facility security risk management

Transport & port facility security risk management


Modes of Delivery

Self-paced on line study

Recognition of Prior Learning

Online study and conference attendance



Nationally Recognised Training? - Yes..

VET funding? - No this course is not supported by VET Funding but is discounted to make it accessible to prospective Security Risk Managers.


Duration guide 520 hours

Self paced means you can fit study in with your lifestyle. There are no due dates on assessment and no exams. The average time it takes to complete this program is Twelve months when studying 10 hours per week. The more time you allocate to study the quicker you can achieve your qualification. Our highly qualified industry experienced Trainer Assessors can provide you with guidance to assist you with completion timeframes for each unit to suit your study goals.


Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements


Units of competency

Core Units


CPPSEC5001A   Establish and maintain an occupational health and safety system

CPPSEC5002A   Coordinate security operations

CPPSEC5003A  Assess security risk management options

BSBCUS501A    Manage quality customer service

BSBMGT502B  Manage people performance

BSBWOR501A  Manage personal work priorities and professional development

BSBWOR502A  Ensure team effectiveness

5 Electives

CPPSEC5004A  Prepare security risk management plan

CPPSEC5005A  Implement security risk management plan

CPPSEC5006A  Determine strategy for the implementation of biometrics technology

CPPSEC5007A  Assess biometrics system

BSBFIM501A      Manage budgets and financial plans

BSBHRM402A   Recruit, select and induct staff

BSBINN502A      Build and sustain an innovative work environment

BSBMGT617A   Develop and implement a business plan

BSBMKG609A   Develop a marketing plan



The Academy and it's training partners are Australia's specialist Registered Training Organisation where you can learn all the security risk management skills and techniques that will make you a valuable management employee in the security industry. Our unique program has been undertaken by Australia's security industry leaders as well as beginners. You can be assured when you study security risk management at the Academy, you will only learn what is relevant to the work of the Australian Security Risk Professional.

Being a Security Risk Manager has come of age as a profession in Australia.  Clients value and want their risk assessors or potential management staff to accomplish this qualification and implement the learning in the workplace. Opportunities come to graduates in Security Risk Management not because they were looking for it, but because they attained knowledge, implemented the techniques and people including peers, management and clients saw it was valuable. This program's security risk management best practice techniques come from connecting with on line study, instructor interaction and feedback that allows you to learn and increases your skills. You connect with peers to get mentorship, and build your authority in the four billion dollar Australian Security industry

The person that gets employment in the field of Security Risk Management is the person who puts in the extra effort. By participating in this course you challenge yourself to grow professionally. By investing in yourself and taking some time to learn, practice, implement you change your life and create opportunities that you do not know even exist yet. There is no luck involved but the thing you can do to help yourself get luckier and to be successful is to be willing to commit the study time to achieve that success.

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